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Sam Schmitt
June 4, 2020 | Webinars | Sam Schmitt

Wine Webinar Wednesday

The Geologic History of the Willamette Valley and its AVAs

Winegowing in the Willamette Valley began just 55 short years ago when David Lett planted the first vineyard in the nascent volcanic soils of the Dundee Hills. From these humble beginnings the Willamette Valley now boasts more than 590 wineries and over 750 vineyards with more than 24,000 acres under vine. In this time the Willamette Valley was formally established in 1984 followed by several nested AVAs in the early 2000’s with the most recent addition just last year.

In this webinar we will discuss the geologic history of the Willamette Valley, the geologic events that have shaped the area, the history of the wine region and take a tour of the nested AVAs and discuss their individual terroir characteristics and influences on the grapes and wines.


This webinar is now available to Lingua Franca Club Members only.

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