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Lingua Franca LLC

Sam Schmitt
April 24, 2020 | Webinars | Sam Schmitt

Wine Webinar Wednesday

From the Grape to the Glass -- The Basic of Wine Making

In this week's webinar, we're wrapping up our foundational series on grape growing and wine making before we move into broader topics on wine history and wine regions with Sam and Thomas providing overview of the different wine making approaches for Red, White and Rosé wines.  

In this session we will explain the wine maker's choices for de-stemmed vs whole cluster fermentation, the choice of fermentation vessels from stainless steel and concrete to wooden barrels, using wild vs. commercial yeasts, exactly what are "lees" and what to they contribute to wine development, what does "reduction" mean, along with a few other mysterious-sounding winemaking techniques such as "carbonic maceration" and "saignée".



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